Hi! I’m Heathyr, the artist & designer here at Meadowlark Ink. I am a self-taught artist, inspired by everything at the intersection of elegant and organic. I believe that everyone deserves to live a beautiful, healthful life in which they are able to feel energized and passionate in order to better contribute to the world with their gifts and talents. I love magnifying the beauty of the earth in my artwork, and I love transferring my artwork to products that inspire traveling, clean eating, and gathering around the table in community.

When I'm not painting & designing, I love to spend time hiking with my husband and our two dogs, cooking, writing music, and traveling as much as I possibly can. My designs are inspired by nature, local food & floral & fauna, and by my travels. My perfect day consists of a slow morning with a book and lots of coffee, followed by a lunch of Thai food and plenty of time outside, and closed with an evening of laughter and good conversation around the table with close friends. I love weddings so much because I get to play a part in bringing people together to the table and on the dance floor.


Meadowlark Ink began in 2015 as a means of preparing the design elements for our own wedding, and then continued as a way to fill a creative outlet while I worked as a high school teacher (a job that I very much loved, but needed a means of unwinding from!). While creating a “brand” of sorts for our wedding, I was thrilled by the process of curating visual details to represent the nature of our relationship, our story, and the parts of life that we value most. From there, I began creating custom watercolor paintings, calligraphy, and invitations for other weddings, all the while reveling in the beautiful stories of people I had the privilege to create for. Today, we hold true to our core foundations of watercolor and calligraphy, and we seek out individuals and couples who are willing to share their story with us so that we can partner with it in art, whether that be in the form of custom wedding invitations, a painting of a childhood home, or a never before seen imaginative idea.

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Top Photo by Sarah Craig Photography, Bottom Photo by The Bold Americana